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My IRONMAN Nutrition Recap

Earlier this month I completed my third Ironman in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. YAY! It was a lovely venue with the most amazing finishing chute.  The race director and community do a fabulous job of pulling together a top notch event.  I highly recommend it and there are still spots left for next year!   Now […]

Nutrition and Marriage

I was originally going to title this post “good things come to those who commit”, which got me thinking about one of the biggest commitments of all, marriage.  And since I should be writing about nutrition, it led me down this path on how marriage and nutrition are nothing alike in the ways folks approach […]

Cook is not a four letter word

Every person reading this leads a very busy life, and some days you probably long for more hours in your day. What would you do with those hours? Sleep? Spend quality time with loved ones? How about start cooking more?    Hopefully the following 5 reasons can convince you that your health is suffering if […]

The Pleasure Factor

Food is really interesting.  We need it to nourish us, we need it for energy, we need it to repair, we need it to survive.  It’s a social act to be shared with friends and family, and it can be one of life’s greatest pleasures.   Speaking of pleasure, I want you to take a […]

Salad Suicide

If you are subscribing to the metabolic efficiency way of eating, large salads can be a quick and easy meal, especially in the city where there is a new salad joint popping up on every corner.  However, if you don’t really understand the philosophy or you think that just because it’s a salad it will […]

Are you insane?

Some people would say that any endurance athlete is insane, because of the training and racing they do, but I think some are insane for a very different reason.   I’m talking about the popular definition of trying to achieve different results using the same strategy.  It’s something that a majority of endurance athletes have […]


A great weekend making new friends and talking Metabolic Efficiency in Denver! Our training was perfectly planned with beautiful weather in a beautiful city, just before the cold set it. I’m very excited to implement my new learnings and continue helping people reach their goals!

Breakfast with a Champion

I was lucky enough to meet and enjoy breakfast with the one and only Meb Keflezighi! This was the morning after he ran an awesome race at the 2014 NYC Marathon.  A huge thank you to Generation UCAN for this amazing opportunity!

Good Sleep Starts Now

We all know that it’s important to strive for 7-10 hours of sleep every night. But what if you are getting this many hours and you still wake up feeling tired, groggy, and sore?  What if the hours you are getting aren’t doing the job. How disappointing is that? You are diligent about getting to […]

Lifetime Training Partners

September has been a very busy and productive month around here.  On September 27th, I was lucky enough to marry my best friend, biggest supporter, and greatest love.  Here is one of the preview shots from our photographer, Randi Baird. It was an amazing day with perfect weather, our closest friends and family, and lots […]