nicci schock


My Story.
 My passion.

Nicci has been a competitive athlete throughout her life and now enjoys endurance feats and being strong.

My love of food always existed, eagerly embracing the rituals, smells, and tastes of delicious fare. My love of nutrition, however, did not develop until my late teens and early 20s when I was a collegiate diver. I began having gastrointestinal issues that seemed unsolveable to the medical professionals that I visited. As most do when they feel unheard and unhelped, I turned to my own research and so began my passion for nourishing, not just feeding, the body. If you have read my mindset page, you will know that I went through some difficult situations during those years, and even though I wished I didn’t have to deal with any of it, it molded me into the practitioner I am today.  Being a student athlete dealing with GI, mental, and emotional struggles, I learned that the athlete needs to be treated as a whole person, not as machine programmed for continued achievement with no with no regard to all other aspects of their lives.  The focus of my practice is health while performing to your potential.  Every athlete from beginner to professional has a journey and a potential, let’s push the limits the right way!

a note about weight and weight loss in my practice

Losing weight does not instantly make you fast. Losing weight does not automatically make you healthy. Weight-loss can sometimes be an outcome of behavior change. It is never a goal and is not a focus in Nicci’s practice.


Nicci Schock, MS, RDN (she/her) is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who earned a Master of Science in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from Teachers College, Columbia University.  She has a post-graduate diploma from the Institute of Performance Nutrition in Applied Sport & Exercise Nutrition. She is a certified Metabolic Efficiency Training™ Specialist Level II (METS II) under Bob Seebohar and has completed various other certifications within sports nutrition.

In addition to all things sports nutrition, her other professional interests include gastrointestinal health, weight-inclusive practice, the relationship of trauma on health, and the sustainability of the food ecosystem.  She is an adjunct instructor at Seton Hall University and is a guest instructor and collaborator at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. Nicci has a Bachelor of Science in Business & Economics from Lehigh University. Prior to following her passion for sports and nutrition, she started her career in accounting and finance.