Nutrition coaching

Nutrition counseling sessions

A successful nutrition plan begins long before competition day. In the same way that you train your muscles for your sport, you must also train the fueling of your sport. Our work together focuses on making sure your health is able to sustain your training demands and that you have the habits in place to achieve the most out of your training. 


Nutrition counseling sessions are 45 minute video calls where we cover daily eating habits, training fueling, race day fueling, bloodwork and nutrition related diagnoses, life stressors, sleeping patterns and more. Each session will end with an action plan to keep you moving toward your goals.      

$150 per session

$625 for 5-pack

Nutriton maintenance


This plan is for those who have received some one-on-one support to get the basics covered.  I require a minimum of a 5 month commitment to keep you on track throughout your competition season.  We communicate as frequently as you like through email with accompanying plans for your training & racing fueling strategies.  If you feel that you need a little extra support and want to add on video calls throughout the commitment period, you can do so at a reduced fee. 

$80 per month

+ $75 per call

minimum of 5 month commitment



I’m not sure what’s more stressful, competing in an ultra-endurance event or crewing the event!  What I do know is how important it is for both athlete and crew to have a plan and be prepared for whatever unfolds on race day. 


This service includes 3 calls. First providing the crew with a template of necessary information needed to create the plan, followed by reviewing plan and covering all the extras that can reduce the stress of race day.


Competition nutrition plan

I have a firm belief that a successful nutrition plan for competition needs much more attention than a one-time strategy session. Despite this, I also don’t want to turn away athletes needing this type of advice.

This service is via email only and will consist of a hydration and fueling plan for your competition day.   


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