My journey with Mindset work

When my personal journey can benefit others.

I first recognized the essence of the mind-body connection when I was a diver in college. During my freshman year I went through a challenging personal time and did my best to face the accompanying emotions.  However, during sophomore year I suddenly struggled to do any of my backwards dives. Even the most simple back dive that I had been doing since I was 8 years old became a challenge. I would stand frozen on the end of the diving board and would not be able to even start my approach. It was even more frustrating since I was still able to do all of my very hard forward facing dives. All I could think was, “what is happening; what is wrong with me?”. So, at the advice of my coach and some friends, I starting talking to the school’s sports psychologist and a whole new world was opened up to me. As a child, I learned that hard work and dedication would help you accomplish your goals. Now I was learning that psyche and subconscious instincts/reflexes added a whole other dynamic to that. Since then I continue to explore the mind-body and mind-performance connection and learned many tools to help remove road blocks that can seem paralyzing.

I have no formal training in psychology, but over the years many folks who came to me for sports nutrition also shared situations that seemed ripe for mindset work.  Ever so gingerly, I would offer some techniques and tools that would help them move forward.  Soon it became obvious that I needed to offer this as a separate service if it was helping and they were willing to do the work.  I call it mindset work, but it’s also deeply personal, emotional work.    

I never intended to offer this service in my private practice.

Mindset sessions

Each session is a 45 minute video call to dig into the crevices in your mind and address the things holding you back from living your fullest life.

$150 per session

$625 for 5-pack