what clients say

I loved working with Nicci. She provided me very practical advice to improve my daily nutrition, and together we set specific goals for my race-day nutrition. In the past, I didn’t really plan out my race-day nutrition, but Nicci really helped me develop an effective strategy for my races. She encouraged me to practice everything in advance, and we always made tweaks depending on how my body responded. I also love that she actually practices what she preaches! I nailed my race nutrition for my 70.3 race in August. I followed our plan almost exactly, and I felt great both during and after the race, and have a better sense of how to fuel for races in the future. Thank you thank you!

Sara H.

Brooklyn, NY, runner & triathlete

Working with Nicci has made a serious positive impact on my summer running! I feel like a totally different runner whereas before I felt like I was over training and fatiguing after every run.
Thomas Wang

New York City

Nicci was invaluable in the testing process and then helping to formulate a sensible hydration/nutrition plan for a successful Grand Canyon Rim to Rim event. Felt confident and strong for the full 15 hours.

Neil Glass

Millburn, NJ, triathlete, trail runner

Nicci was such a big help with dialing in my race day nutrition. Prior to our initial meetup, I DNF’d both a 50 mile ultramarathon and had a miserable cramped-filled run during an Ironman. I could tell I needed to seek out expertise in nutrition, and Nicci turned out to be that perfect person. In conjunction with lab testing my salt rate loss, Nicci and I communicated over many months to determine my sweat rate, and configure my optimal fuel plan for race day. Armed now with her insights and the fuel plans we created, I can enthusiastically say the results speak for themselves. I set personal records in a Last Man Standing Ultra and Ironman, and felt a world of difference. I cannot recommend and thank Nicci enough for helping solve that ever important nutrition equation. She will get you your best on race day.

Alec Fazio

Ultra endurance athlete

Nicci and I sat in Colorado while I was on a taper for the Leadville 100 (run). The process Nicci ran of using tech + data to identify my unique sweat rate and subsequently aligning a hydration protocol was core to my finishing the race. A lot can go wrong on these longer runs and your hydration + electrolyte balance is an omnipresent consideration. Nicci was really helpful before, during, and after our initial session as she understands the physiology of your body during exercise and is communicative. Most of us don’t get through these arduous races alone and Nicci shares the finish with me.

Andrew Pollard

I am an avid endurance cyclist. Earlier this year, I was struggling with cramping during long events. I visited Nicci for sweat testing, and the insight she provided has helped me avoid any further issues while also improving my performance. About a month later, I wanted to confirm my training zones and find notable points within them. Nicci took me through a metabolic efficiency test, and with that information, I have been more efficient in my training and have optimized my on-the-bike nutrition. Nicci is quite friendly, and her skills and knowledge in these areas were impressive. I would recommend Nicci to anyone looking to gain insights like those above.
Jack Sisson

I can unequivocally say that without the nutrition coaching I had from Nicci this past year, my first Leadville Trail 100 MTB race would have been disastrous.  We worked together throughout the season to refine my nutrition plan, ensuring my hydration and nutrition strategies were on point for the ~9hrs I would be racing.  In addition to building out a nutrition plan, Nicci also developed a detailed crewing plan, ensuring that I had the right amount of nutrition and hydration while minimizing my time during each stop.  By practicing the strategy Nicci developed and I was able to consume ~400 Calories/hr which helped me finish the race in under 9 hours and “big buckle.”

Rich Bean

Endurance athlete, Nicci's husband

My dad, my coaches, my teammates, all instilled a winning formula in me; practice, workout, and give my best – always. This formula was my laser-focus in life and in sports… and it worked, for a very longtime. I was the guy nobody wanted to play against, until I found a way to lose – consistently. It was always easy for me to flip a switch, think “you got this,” and soldier on, until it wasn’t. My thoughts became negative, my free-flowing aggressive style became predictable and cautious, and when things were going my way, I’d find a way to get mad or frustrated.  And then, something so foreign to me began sliding into my head – “just quit.”

Clearly, I needed help. So, I dived into rediscovering my “mental game,” absorbed lots of information – and continued to struggle – mightily. Then, I heard about Nicci Schock @ ELEVATE Performance, and I made a phone call and arranged some virtual meetings.

Now, I will warn you, (for me) it was not easy – digging into the “whys” of a declining mental attitude does in fact include brutal honesty (i.e., talking about stuff, you don’t ever talk about to anyone).

Nicci fundamentally changed the way I see myself, others, and the world. Oh, and my passion for competition is back. Please learn from my monumental mistakes. DO NOT ignore working on your mental game, skip the “guru” books and videos, and just talk to someone, call Nicci.

Dean S. Voss

South Florida

Working with Nicci was fantastic.  I learned a lot and have begun to use a lot of the information that I was taught.  I’m eating better and training better. This program is one of the best tools I have added to my training and racing.

Eric K.


Nicci provided me with great insight into how my body works in particular. I am now better tuning my fueling for races and long workouts as well as understanding where I need to target my training levels to develop the appropriate mechanisms for efficiency. It is great to tune myself against my own individual metrics versus averages taken over all of humanity!

David Barker

marathon runner

Nicci has become an essential part of my triathlon training and race planning. She helped me develop a customized plan to dial in my hydration and nutrition needs. This has made a huge difference, both in elevating my results and improving how I feel after hard training and racing. She really cares and is always available. Highly recommended.



Collaborating with Nicci had a profound positive influence on my physical and mental performance. We conducted various assessments together, such as sweat analysis, heart rate zone evaluation, and lactate threshold testing. Her background as a triathlete who has finished full Ironman races provided invaluable insights, allowing me to understand how the data directly correlates with performance across different race segments.

Eric C.


I found Nicci not only knowledgeable but very personable and professional. My overall eating habits have improved drammatically.  I simply do not feel as hungry as I used to despite keeping the same level of physical activity. My consultations with Nicci have all virtual due to the distance. Despite that, I got a lot out of it and even recommended one of my kids to start working with Nicci. Highly recommended!

Hassan J.

Bahrain, CEO & athlete

My everyday nutrition was decent however Nicci opened me up to a whole new world, and I went from feeling good to great in a matter of weeks. Not only that, Nicci overhauled my race nutrition plan, historically I “bonked” in marathons and in workouts but since working with Nicci I feel great all the way through my training and races. I’ve had breakthroughs in my training that I directly attribute to the work I am doing with Nicci.

Nicci was worth every penny knowing I would line up for my first ironman with a nutrition plan that would get me to my end goal. There was not a problem that Nicci could not solve through attention on nutrition and hydration. We pay so much money in our journey to these big races, why not invest in a critical component that has the ability to make or break your race? Honestly Nicci went out of her way to ensure I was getting everything I needed. Nicci is one of the few experts in the area that I would trust without hesitation with any advice she had for me leading up to training or a race.

Christine H.


Nicci is very knowledge, kind and caring and wasn’t afraid to ask questions to keep me moving in the right direction. She focused on what works for me versus what other people says works for everyone. Nicci helped to put me back on track and focus on what was important to me. I achieved what I wanted from our work together. I will highly recommend Nicci to others looking to improve their nutrition around everyday life to make for better training and racing.

Michele F.

Jersey City, NJ, Endurance Athlete