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Without her, there is no one

This one is specific to the ladies, but before you gentlemen stop reading, perhaps consider if there is a woman in your life that would benefit from this information. The good news is: it’s becoming more mainstream to talk about menstruation.   The bad news is: there is so much negative talk and misinformation about […]

Sweat… It can break your race

I love the feeling of a good sweat, don’t you? I mean when you have the intention of sweating, not when you are commuting on a blistering humid summer day and are sweating on the train platform in your work clothes thinking, why did I even shower?     Earlier this year I took a […]

Sugar helps the pain stay away

Long hours on the bike can bring about pain and discomfort where your body contacts the saddle, you know ‘down there’. [vertical_spacing height=”20″]   If this is you: logging long hours on the bike, sweating a lot, it’s necessary to take special care of that area which can easily get raw and harbor bacteria leading […]

The Good Bacteria

In the on-going quest for better health, a fitter body, and better performance knowing what to eat and when to eat it is great. Really great actually.  But even when you know what to do and put it into practice, how do you know if your body, your digestive system, is operating as it should […]

24 Days of Holiday Gift Ideas

I know that coming up with new ideas every year for gifts can be tough.  That’s why I’ve decided to put together a little list of some of my favorite things.  I hope it can give you some shopping inspiration to find the perfect gift this year, even if that gift is for you. There […]

No sweat hydration plan

Can you can relate to my pain of training through the brutal heat this summer? Hooray for fall!   It felt like it came out of nowhere and then just smacked us down hard right through September.  It was a treat when I escaped to Seattle in August. I felt amazing in my runs out […]

Not Another Fad Diet

I have always been a naturalist when it comes to eating.  I like to eat real food. I like to enjoy food. I like to do what’s best for my health and what’s best for my success in sports.  I’ve never been one for feeling restricted, so eating tasty food that satisfies has always been […]

Simple does not mean Easy

January is flying by!  How are your resolutions holding up? Back on track with a training plan and eating plan?  That’s right, eating plan.   Let me ask you this…have you ever achieved exactly what you wanted without putting together a plan for getting it?  When you’ve just been winging it and seeing what happened […]