High Performance Awaits You

At ELEVATE Performance Services our mission is to help each person discover their potential by identifying the gifts and limitations that are unique to them. From there we develop a customized plan that fits with their biology and physiology, highlighting the strengths and overcoming the limitations. The path to success for one person can be the achilles heel for another.

Our testing allows athletes to make informed decisions about their strategies, instead of guessing at the best strategy. We also focus on health as a primary component to performing to your potential, so our strategies reflect what’s best for the athlete’s long term success.

Did you know that caffeine is not an effective racing aid if you are a slow metabolizer of caffeine, and you may actually have worse performance using it?

Did you know that what you eat can shift your ability to burn more fat or carbs at rest and during exercise?

Did you know that the sodium concentration of your sweat is largely genetic and will determine what strength of electrolytes you need to stay hydrated?

Did you know that you can identify how many calories you should be racing with based on your metabolism?

Did you know that achieving your goals has more to do with your childhood experiences than your conscious will, determination, or brute force?

Did you know that monitoring your blood can identify your ideal taper time before your A race?

Wherever you are on your journey to an ELEVATED life, we are here to help you get one step closer.