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It’s simple really. Make decisions based on your unique data to get the most out of your training and promote optimal health. No more guessing, no more wasting time to figure out what works for you.  

Sodium Sweat Testing

I offer the Precision Fuel & Hydration pilocarpine iontophoresis sweat test. View a video of the test.

You will not have to exercise for this test. I will induce sweating on your forearm, collect the sweat, and push it through the analyzer. You will have immediate results of your unique sweat sodium concentration. The entire appointment takes about 30 minutes.

This service includes recommendations on your ideal hydration solution and will provide you with the tools to know your hourly sodium needs for different conditions. A reduced rate is available when combined with metabolic testing. Group rates are also available.

I often travel for events, races, and training where I offer testing. Reach out to see if I’ll be in your area soon.


Metabolic testing is a gas exchange assessment. The measurement of oxygen used compared to carbon dioxide produced is a reliable way of identifying the composition of calories being utilized. Our metabolic testing is performed on state of the art equipment, the Parvo Medics TrueOne 2400 metabolic cart, the same system trusted by NASA, NIH, and the U.S. Olympic training center.

We use a submaximal testing protocol with a 10 minute warm-up followed by 4 minutes stages of increasing intensities. Following your assessment, you will have a video call to review your results. The report will include: metabolic efficiency© point (if you have one), percentage of calories from fat versus carbohydrates at each intensity, recommendations of ideal calorie intakes, recommended training intensities.


options and pricing below

Metabolic testing

Bike/run combination test

The combination test is recommended for triathletes. The test starts on the bike then moves directly to the run. You can expect to spend about 45 minutes on each segment.


Single activity test (bike or run)

Test on the individual modality that reflects your preferred sport or exercise method.  Expect to test for about 45 minutes. 


Resting metabolic rate test (rmr) 

A resting test will determine the contribution of carbohydrate and fat calories burned while at rest. No exercise is required as you will be lying still for the duration of the test. This assessment can be added on to the beginning of an exercise test for a reduced fee. 


blood lactate concentration testing

Trends in blood lactate concentrations over various intensities can give us more information about your metabolic profile.  This test can be added to a gas exchange test for a reduced fee.  


Genomic testing

We offer Nutrigenomix genomic testing, a simple genetic test using your saliva or cheek swab resulting in personalized nutrition recommendations that are based on your DNA.

Nutrigenomics is the science that applies genomic information and advanced technologies to uncover the relationship between genes, nutrition and human health. Sport nutrigenomics takes it a step further to help athletes gain an edge by maximizing their genetic potential. The term nutrigenomics refers to both the study of how the food, beverages, and supplements we consume affects our genes and how our genes can influence our body’s response to what we consume.

Different versions of a gene can make us respond differently to certain components in food. Through decades of science and research, it is known that genetic variations in the population and between individuals affect a wide variety of responses to key components of the human diet.  Understanding your genetic profile and its implications on your unique response to the foods, drinks, and supplements you consume will provide you with the tools needed to adopt the best dietary strategies for optimal athletic performance. This service includes a video call reviewing your report and specific recommendations.


Monitoring your bloodwork regularly is a practice that everyone should adopt to know the baseline for each marker and easily detect changes that might have significant meaning for your health. 

Blood markers can also be used to optimize performance by identify nutrients that require more attention in high training loads and identify tolerance to the training load. There are a few athlete specific services on the market that tailor their report to athletes. I recommend Athlete Blood Test.  Pricing for each package is set by ABT, but I can offer a discount code.  Regardless of where you get your bloodwork done, I offer a video call to review the results and create an action plan based on those results.


blood marker monitoring

NYC Testing Services Location

All metabolic testing and sodium sweat testing are conducted in person at 119 W 23rd St #304, New York, NY 10011 within Finish Line Physical Therapy.

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