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Without her, there is no one

This one is specific to the ladies, but before you gentlemen stop reading, perhaps consider if there is a woman in your life that would benefit from this information. The good news is: it’s becoming more mainstream to talk about menstruation.   The bad news is: there is so much negative talk and misinformation about […]

My IRONMAN Nutrition Recap

Earlier this month I completed my third Ironman in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. YAY! It was a lovely venue with the most amazing finishing chute.  The race director and community do a fabulous job of pulling together a top notch event.  I highly recommend it and there are still spots left for next year!   Now […]

Race Weight Woes

I just read an article about race weight, a topic that makes me cringe me when I hear athletes discussing it.  While the article did touch upon the idea that a longer term strategy works best, it missed many of the most important aspects in the idea of attaining a ‘racing weight’.   Yes, most […]