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Sugar helps the pain stay away

Long hours on the bike can bring about pain and discomfort where your body contacts the saddle, you know ‘down there’.   If this is you: logging long hours on the bike, sweating a lot, it’s necessary to take special care of that area which can easily get raw and harbor bacteria leading to some […]

No sweat hydration plan

Can you can relate to my pain of training through the brutal heat this summer? Hooray for fall!   It felt like it came out of nowhere and then just smacked us down hard right through September.  It was a treat when I escaped to Seattle in August. I felt amazing in my runs out […]

Are you insane?

Some people would say that any endurance athlete is insane, because of the training and racing they do, but I think some are insane for a very different reason.   I’m talking about the popular definition of trying to achieve different results using the same strategy.  It’s something that a majority of endurance athletes have […]