Sugar helps the pain stay away

May 31, 2017

Long hours on the bike can bring about pain and discomfort where your body contacts the saddle, you know ‘down there’.

If this is you: logging long hours on the bike, sweating a lot, it’s necessary to take special care of that area which can easily get raw and harbor bacteria leading to some painful riding.

Hopefully you abide by the standard rules to avoid saddle sores:

-Get a professional fit on your bike
-Make sure you are cleaning your shorts appropriately
-Remove your bike shorts immediately after finishing your ride

Here is a helpful little recipe to add to this list. Not to be eaten, but to be scrubbin’.

It’s best to scrub with this in the shower before you get wet.

-granulated sugar
-coconut oil
-jojoba oil
-tea tree oil
-eucalyptus oil

First I put some sugar in my mixing bowl. I don’t usually measure, this doesn’t have to be scientific. Then I add coconut oil and mix to get a good consistency of a scrub that will remove dead skin and superficial hair.

The jojoba oil is a carrier oil that I like to include anytime I use tea tree oil, but you don’t need it if you have the coconut oil. Tea tree and eucalyptus oil are for antibacterial and antimicrobial purposes to help clean the area you are scrubbing. It’s really simple and helps so much to keep it clean and happy on the saddle.