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Simple does not mean Easy

January is flying by!  How are your resolutions holding up? Back on track with a training plan and eating plan?  That’s right, eating plan.   Let me ask you this…have you ever achieved exactly what you wanted without putting together a plan for getting it?  When you’ve just been winging it and seeing what happened […]

Cook is not a four letter word

Every person reading this leads a very busy life, and some days you probably long for more hours in your day. What would you do with those hours? Sleep? Spend quality time with loved ones? How about start cooking more?    Hopefully the following 5 reasons can convince you that your health is suffering if […]

The Pleasure Factor

Food is really interesting.  We need it to nourish us, we need it for energy, we need it to repair, we need it to survive.  It’s a social act to be shared with friends and family, and it can be one of life’s greatest pleasures.   Speaking of pleasure, I want you to take a […]

Salad Suicide

If you are subscribing to the metabolic efficiency way of eating, large salads can be a quick and easy meal, especially in the city where there is a new salad joint popping up on every corner.  However, if you don’t really understand the philosophy or you think that just because it’s a salad it will […]

Are You All or Nothing?

Most triathletes and runners are very determined people, and sometimes that determination brings with it an ‘all or nothing’ attitude.   “If I can’t devote 100% of my energy to something, then I’m not going to devote any. I don’t do anything with half an effort.” Does this sound like anyone you know?   While […]

Be A Food Shopping Ninja

Hitting the grocery store can get overwhelming when trying to make the best food choices for you and your family. A typical shopping trip might go a little something like this. . . You’re feeling good, you know you are going to make great food decisions today! You head down the aisles and get started. […]

You Are What You Eat

Over Labor Day weekend, I was taking a break from moving apartments and needed a bite to eat.  I went to what I like to call “food truck heaven”, a sweet spot in Hoboken on Pier 13 where you will find up to 5 different food trucks on nights and weekends.  There was a new […]