Hitting the grocery store can get overwhelming when trying to make the best food choices for you and your family.ninja

A typical shopping trip might go a little something like this. . .

You’re feeling good, you know you are going to make great food decisions today! You head down the aisles and get started. You hit the first packaged product aisle that you need something from, you stop, stand there, and stare at the vast choices.  You see a few that might do, so you pick one up and read the ingredient list. Hmmm. You can’t pronounce a few ingredients so it’s probably not the best option. You set that one down and grab the next potential candidate.  This time you recognize that ingredient as one you are supposed to avoid. Then with the third option, it’s the same story – most ingredients seem ok but there are some that you don’t know.

How are you supposed to know which bad ingredient is the lessor of the evils? It’s all so confusing!!! Aaaahhh!  You are no longer feeling fresh and ready to conquer the store.  What do you do?

fooducateOne of my favorite tools to help navigate the grocery store is an app called Fooducate. I’ve been using it basically since it’s birth and while it has gotten a little more commercialized (everyone’s got to monetize!), it’s still a solid resource to help you in the grocery store.


The app in action – how does it work?

You download the app first. You’ll have to make a login to use the app.

Then when you find yourself in a bind in the store, you pull out the app and use it’s barcode scanner to scan the products you are deciding between.


Fooducate will give you a food rating A through D and tell you the good things and the bad things about that product. It will also give you better alternatives if you happen to pick something with a poor grade.


Soon you become obsessed with scanning every product in your house to see how your cabinets rate. hahaha. This will happen!

Try to shoot for B- or better.

Get the app, try it, and let me know what new discoveries you find in the foods you eat.  I’d also love to hear what your favorite food apps are!

Comments are welcome below. Happy scanning!

Feel good, do what you love,