Some people would say that any endurance athlete is insane, because of the training and racing they do, but I think some are insane for a very different reason.


I’m talking about the popular definition of trying to achieve different results using the same strategy.  It’s something that a majority of endurance athletes have been doing race after race and year after year when it comes to their nutrition strategy.  Hoping that all the weather conditions will be in perfect alignment so that the strategy works; not too cold, not too hot, not too windy, and it all should work out, maybe.  Knowing that the real race isn’t against the clock, it’s between them and their stomach and bowels.  Which will come first, the finish line or the port-o-john?


When do you decide that enough is enough? How many disappointing results does it take to start the wheels turning that there might be another way?


Part of the problem is that other solutions are hard to find or they used to be.  There is great news for those who have realized that the old way just doesn’t work for them.  The solution to your nutrition woes is metabolic efficiency training –  a combination of changing your daily eating habits and your training strategy to make your body more capable of racing your way to the finish line every time.


High performance is possible if you listen to your body and stop the madness that has gone on for way too long! Ask us how to get started.