Stinky No More

July 2, 2014

This is a different kind of post, but I can’t help myself because this has been a labor of love (errr offense?) for over four years now.


Most of you are like me and because you care about being active, there typically comes a natural progression of caring about eating well and then investigating what else you can be doing for your health.  One of those things is looking at what you put on your body.


Your skin is the largest organ you have and what you put on it gets absorbed into your system. So, you typically don’t want to put something on your body that you wouldn’t also eat.


One of the most controversial hygiene products on the market is antiperspirant, with data leading us to believe that regular use of aluminum based products may be linked to breast cancer and alter lymph activity.  And while there are more studies trying to disprove this connection, what remains clear is that aluminum based products do introduce more estrogen into your body and that is reason enough to avoid it.


With that knowledge, I decided over 4 years ago that I would switch to deodorants with natural ingredients and reduce my exposure to aluminum.  This was a very scary decision, not necessarily for myself, but for those who would be around me.  I’m a very heavy sweater and a frequent sweater and where there is sweat there is usually odor.


So, with the acceptance of becoming the stinky girl on the train, I set out to find the best working natural deodorant out there. As you can imagine, I tried countless brands, everything you see on the shelf of your health food store – yep I’ve tried it! I read countless reviews searching for the one gem out there on web that everyone loved.  And I spent a lot of money ripping through anything from crystals to roll-ons to the newest fantastic deodorant with sad results.  The winter months were a bit of a tease, I would think I found something that kept me stink free and dry and then BAM! summer would happen and another deodorant found it’s way into the trash.


Most recently I had been using one was pretty good, but didn’t keep me completely stink free on hot days. I was getting tired of it, and my man had recently found two natural deodorants he liked so I started using one of those, which of course left me smelling like a man, but was better than my lady one.


And then it happened!


I randomly stumbled onto the website of a company that makes a different kind of natural deodorant with reviews to support it, so of course I had to try it.  And all I can say is that I’m in love!  It has recently turned into the hot and nasty NYC summer that brings steamy subway stations and sweaty walks to the office, and I come home smelling good! This week I did have some underarm wetness, but I don’t think there is anything that can compete with these hot and humid days, even antiperspirant.  So, it’s safe to say, I have found my new product that I can count on!

No more smelly girl on the train, no more smelling like a man!


It’s a unisex (I think) deodorant and it’s called PiperWai. I highly recommend this to anyone who has been through the same stinky struggle that I have! It’s a cream that you rub into your underarms, and uses charcoal to help absorb the moisture and odor.


Before PiperWai, I was thinking that I would have to get an antiperspirant for my wedding in September, but now I don’t have to, and I am very very excited about that.


I’d love to hear your similar trials and successes with the natural products you have switched to!

Share below.