Nutrition and Marriage

June 3, 2015

I was originally going to title this post “good things come to those who commit”, which got me thinking about one of the biggest commitments of all, marriage.  And since I should be writing about nutrition, it led me down this path on how marriage and nutrition are nothing alike in the ways folks approach them, but are very much alike when the going gets tough.  And at the end of the day what remains true for both is that good things come to those who commit and remain committed.


Needless to say, this post took a very different turn than originally planned. Let’s explore.


In marriage, the typical story goes something like this (obviously this is oversimplified): fall in love, everything is awesome, get married, everything stays awesome for a little bit and then something happens or doesn’t happen (communication) and slowly, maintaining the relationship isn’t as easy as it once was. For folks who aren’t really committed (to themselves or their partners), it then seems easiest to deem the relationship doomed and walk away. It’s easy to start this relationship because it feels great to be in love, but when the time comes to do some work, a lot of people opt out. I understand there are plenty of troubled relationships that should end, but outside of those, why are so many just giving up?


When it comes to nutrition upgrading or making healthy changes, people want to see the same quick, feel good results they get like in the beginning of that awesome relationship, and they want it immediately.  So, after a week or two of trying new things without tabloid-like sensationalized results, it feels too hard, so despair and the negative thoughts set in.   You’ll fail anyway so why even try anymore… maybe you should do a juice cleanse instead (DON’T!). You go back to your old habits and think that nothing will work for you when maybe you just needed to give it more time. Why is our commitment window so short?


Do we just not care enough about ourselves to fully commit to a healthy, happy life even if it means doing some heavy lifting along the way?  Have we over-worked ourselves in all other aspects of our lives that the thought of more work, even the most important work, is just too much? Or are we just really afraid of what we might find out about ourselves when we face our fears and go into those deep dark corners of our minds? Why are so many people refusing to allow themselves the most fulfilling life possible?


Here’s the kicker to all of this – moving onto the next relationship or next ‘quick fix’ nutrition magical potion isn’t going to be the path to easy street.  The truths that you are avoiding will continue to follow you.  So, why wait until it becomes unbearable and you hit a breaking point after many unhappy years?  Put in the work now.  Say what you want out loud, ask for help, make the choice to commit to these things! And then laugh and play and rejoice for all the change that will follow.   Just don’t expect a 180 overnight, because you wouldn’t expect to get a degree after one college course or be able to run a marathon after your first 3 mile workout.


This might sound hard, but it doesn’t have to be! You just have to change your expectations that it should be effortless, which doesn’t really mean that it has to be hard, it just means you need to be an active participant in the change instead of sitting back and hoping for a miracle.


A very dear friend inspired me with these words, “every action I take brings me one step closer to my dream”.   Have a dream and be in action!  Commitment and change can be that simple.

I believe in you.