Fitness and exercise is a non-negotiable part of life for all of my people out there, which makes the new year’s resolution fads mostly get in our way.  Whether it’s the additional people crowding up the gym or pool or causing us not to get a spot in our favorite cross training class, it can definitely leave us feeling frustrated and down on the whole idea of resolutions.newyear


But this year I encourage you to embrace this idea and add some new healthy habits to your life.  There are many other aspects to health besides exercise, so I challenge you to try these things:



Try one new food per month this year.

Take a walk down the produce aisle and pick up that thing you don’t recognize, find out what it is and do some research on how to prepare it.  This is a great way to add more variety into your diet and also continue to modify your body chemistry to crave more healthful foods.  Work your way through the rainbow, since the variety in colors will help you get a variety of vitamins and minerals into your diet.



Toss one toxic product per month from your routine.

Take a look at your daily shower, shave, and smell good routine and the products you use. Which of those have harmful ingredients that are blindly affecting your health?  Toss the most toxic and find something that’s better for you.  Use the Environmental Working Group’s website Skin Deep to help you rate your products and find healthier alternatives.



Do one thing each day to help reduce stress or bring awareness to your life.

Stress can creep up on us even though we workout often.  Additional cortisol in our system means additional insulin which prevents us from burning fat during workouts, and increases inflammation in our bodies.  It can also inhibit you from keeping your heart rate low during training.  Start out simple by practicing some deep breathing daily.  If you are a little more advanced, 10-20 minutes of meditation daily can work wonders on your mental and physical health.  It’s been proven to reduce blood pressure and improve other health markers. Another great practice is journaling or free writing if you are a more creative type.  Set aside time each day to write down your stream of consciousness for a few pages and see how much easier problem solving and handling difficult situations becomes.


I’d love to hear what other types of new practices you are putting into place for the new year! Post below to share your inspiring ideas.


Feel good, do what you love,

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