Blood monitoring with Athlete Blood Test

April 26, 2017

When you don’t know what’s happening in your body you can’t make the best decisions to accelerate your performance. Every individual has different physiologic needs.

Is your body responding well to your training plan?

Can you be pushed harder? Do you need a rest week?

How long should your taper be?

How soon should you train again after your race?

Do you have the right foods in your diet?

Are you taking the right supplements in the right dose with the right timing?

That’s a lot of questions! Do you have the answers…. or is it mostly guesswork?
blood vials laying on top of a report

You can prevent yourself from becoming one of these statistics:

  • 26% of ultra-distance endurance athletes have below ideal serum iron levels
  • 56% of 140.6 distance triathletes have reduced iron stores
  • 11% of marathon distance runners have iron overload due to unnecessary supplementation
  • 30% of ultra-distance triathletes have below ideal Folate
  • 6% of ultra-distance triathletes have below ideal Magnesium
  • Up to 50% of female endurance athletes experience anemia during peak training. ABT Top causes in order are iron deficiency, folate/iron mixed deficiency, folate deficiency, folate/B12 deficiency, B12 deficiency, high rate of blood loss.
  • Up to 50% of ultra-distance endurance athletes will experience “silent anemia”, a condition by which hemoglobin and hematocrit are within normal range but below ABT ideal ranges cause early physiological adaptations causing performance deficits and reduced red blood cell production.

Athlete Blood Test is an easy and affordable way to identify dietary needs, supplement needs, training tolerance, recovery needs, and competition preparation unique to you. No more guesswork or one-size- fits all approaches to training and nutrition.

Athlete Blood Test is the product of nearly a decade of proprietary research and experience working with thousands of professional athletes. Don’t get confused with the simplified number matching and one-size- fits-all recommendation services out there. These results are tailored to you.

If your physiology isn’t optimized it doesn’t matter how well you trained or how fast your gear is.

Make today the day you learn how to get the most out of your body and your training. Get an Athlete Blood Test.  Learn more about blood monitoring for performance here.