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Fight Back!

This winter has been brutally cold which makes it seem like it’s dragged on forever, but it’s still January!  Who knows when it may end, but hopefully you have done a good job of staying healthy through the cold and flu season that accompanies winter.   There are a number of factors that impact our […]

Iron – The Athlete’s Achilles’ Heel

Iron is a trace mineral that is responsible for the transportation of oxygen into all of the body’s cells. It is a component of hemoglobin in red blood cells and myoglobin in muscle proteins making it essential for fitness and endurance. Iron toxicity is very dangerous, so your super smart body is equipped with mechanisms […]

Healthy Habits for 2014

Fitness and exercise is a non-negotiable part of life for all of my people out there, which makes the new year’s resolution fads mostly get in our way.  Whether it’s the additional people crowding up the gym or pool or causing us not to get a spot in our favorite cross training class, it can […]