Working with Nicci was good, and I gained knowledge about proper protein intake and how to fuel and hydrate appropriately for long runs and races. 

-Sue, NY

My everyday nutrition was decent, however Nicci opened me up to a whole new world with MET eating and I went from feeling good to great in a matter of weeks. Not only that, Nicci overhauled my race nutrition plan, dumping sugar and replacing it with slow burning products that kept my blood sugar steady, becoming a fat burning machine that we created over months of laser focus on everyday nutrition.
Historically I "bonked" in marathons and in workouts but since working with Nicci I feel great all the way through my training and races. I've had breakthroughs in my training that I directly attribute to the work I am doing with Nicci. Nicci was worth every penny knowing I would line up for my first ironman with a nutrition plan that would get me to my end goal. There was not a problem that Nicci could not solve through attention on nutrition and hydration. We pay so much money in our journey to these big races, why not invest in a critical component that has the ability to make or break your race?
I wouldn't have gotten the slot for Kona 2016 result on race day without a nutrition plan carrying me through the day feeling great, and this has been a healthy and injury free season! Nicci will ensure you're getting the proper amount of nutrition and the right kinds (i.e. Protein) to ensure recovery is optimal and you remain injury free. Honestly Nicci went out of her way to ensure I was getting everything I needed. Nicci is one of the few experts in the area that I would trust without hesitation with any advice she had for me leading up to training or a race.

-Christine Hoffmann, Triathlete

Nicci personalizes her coaching to each client rather than applying the same approach to everyone.  Working with Nicci completely changed my attitude toward food.  She took the time to understand my issues without any judgment.  We then worked together to integrate better food choices in a way that was realistic instead of overwhelming. I have learned to listen to my body about what it needs, I feel confident in my ability to make better food choices, and I have a healthier relationship with food. Nicci is an amazing coach. She is passionate and knowledgable, and truly listens to what her clients need.  She is approachable and puts her clients at ease, addressing whatever roadblocks are preventing you from achieving your desired results. 

-Christine, NYC

I loved working with Nicci. She provided me very practical advice to improve my daily nutrition, and together we set specific goals for my race-day nutrition. In the past, I didn’t really plan out my race-day nutrition, but Nicci really helped me develop an effective strategy for my races. She encouraged me to practice everything in advance, and we always made tweaks depending on how my body responded. I also love that she actually practices what she preaches! I read her race recap from the Ironman she did and I was happy to see that it was very similar to the plan we created for me and my race. Hey, if it works for her, why shouldn’t it work for me too?! I nailed my race nutrition for my 70.3 race in August. I followed our plan almost exactly, felt great both during and after the race, and have a better sense of how to fuel for races in the future. Thank you thank you!!

-Sara H., Runner and Triathlete, Brooklyn NY

Excellent. She helped me understand the difference between a perceived healthy and a truly healthy diet. I kicked my sugar drink habit, and now understand the role of carbohydrates in my diet and exercise efforts.

-Kevin F., Marathoner, NJ

Excellent. Nicci is very knowledge, kind and caring and isn't afraid to ask questions to keep the client moving in the right direction. Nicci helped to put me back on track and focus on what was important to me. I achieved what I wanted from our work together. I will highly recommend Nicci to others looking to improve their nutrition around everyday life to make for better training and racing.

-Michele F., Endurance Athlete, Jersey City

The experience was great! I learned a lot about diet and nutrition, and found my diet was not as healthy as I thought. I had higher carb and sugar intake than I thought. Also, ME testing helped us find the proper race strategy.

-Matt, Triathlete, NJ

As I began training for triathlons I realized I had to rework my diet to accommodate my daily caloric needs. Unknowingly, I began adding items that were marketed as healthy, but in reality were mostly processed foods. My meals were good but not balanced.
In working with Nicci my energy levels increased, allowing me to train harder and smarter which in turn increased my ability to perform on race day. Following this lifestyle change I am now leaner and recovering faster for my next workouts, which allows me to get more quality sessions in as I train for Ironman.

-RB, Hoboken, NJ

Great! She made it easy to understand and I saw great results! Better race nutrition, overall daily nutrition improvements, and better execution of caffeine usage during races.

-Jen Sheppard, Jersey City

Fantastic! I found Nicci not only knowledgeable but very personable and professional. I learned more about importance of protein, and combining it with healthy carbs according to Nicci's program has helped me to learn how to maintain blood sugar levels through a demanding day. My overall eating habits have improved dramatically. I learned to eat less, I reduced unnecessary snacking and I simply do not feel as hungry as I used to despite keeping the same level of physical activity.

-Hassan Jarrar, Physically active bank CEO, Persian Gulf

Excellent - Nicci was very knowledge - I learned so much about nutrition and my body and how to mix the two that I didn't know prior. Thanks so much for all your help!

-Max Westerfield, Celina, OH

It is a joy working with Nicci, and the results speak for themselves! It still blows my mind to think that I consumed just 830 calories on my way to winning Ironman Maryland with zero nutritional issues. Nicci guided me through two months of Metabolic Efficiency Training and the testing we did proved that a dramatic change occurred in my body allowing me to race to my potential. I speak with Nicci in person, by phone, email and text, and she is always very responsive. Through her knowledge and confidence, you can tell she is an expert in her field, yet she is not afraid to say "let me confirm before I answer that" if she doesn't know for sure. She gets back to me promptly, sometimes with suggestions from Bob Seebohar himself. Nicci also has her finger on the pulse of the nutrition world at large so she was able to direct me to UCAN, which I use almost solely for my training and race fueling now. I can't say enough good things about becoming metabolically efficient under Nicci, and I'm looking forward to what next year will bring!

-Matt Bach, Ironman athlete, Summit NJ

It has been a great experience! Nicci was very patient and taught me the basics of nutrition and the impact of what I was doing. This allowed me to see that change was needed in my habits. Nicci is clearly passionate about helping others make positive change in their health, fitness and overall approach to enjoying a healthy life.

-JW Braun

Prior to working with Nicci my nutrition was okay, but I needed to work on protein intake. I learned so much through Nicci's program on when and how much to take in. This has been great.


Nicci was great to work with. She helped me gain an understanding of the balance between carbs and ratios, the carbs in foods, and a better appreciation for natural vs. synthetic foods. I wasn't as hungry post-workouts during the pre- and base-phase of my training.


Working with Nicci was fantastic. I learned a lot and have begun to use a lot of the information that I was taught. I’m eating better and training better. This program is one of the best tools I have added to my training and racing.

-Eric Keil

Great. Nicci was very responsive to any questions or concerns. During the ME tests, which are not the most comfortable, Nicci was very reassuring and understanding. I got great insight on how the body uses fuel (both good and bad) to increase (or decrease) performance during endurance sports. I can’t wait to put these practices in place for a full season in 2016 to see how well my performance increases.

-John Callahan