Removing the roadblocks in life

I first discovered the essence of the mind-body connection when I was a diver in college.

Freshman year I went through a challenging personal time, and I thought I had resolved my emotions around it.  However, it became clear that I had not when sometime into my sophomore year I suddenly struggled to do any of my backwards dives. Even the most simple back dive that I had been doing since I was 8 years old became a challenge. I would stand frozen on the end of the diving board and would not be able to even start my approach. This was quite frustrating to me since I was still able to do all of my very hard forward facing dives.  I had long forgotten about the situation from a year earlier, so I was very upset by this lack of progress. All I could think was, “what was happening, what is wrong with me?”. So, at the advice of my coach and some friends, I starting talking to the school’s sports psychologist and a whole new world was opened up to me. As a child, I learned that hard work and dedication would help you accomplish your goals. Now I was learning that psyche and subconscious instincts added a whole new layer to that.

Back in college, the tools I learned to help with situations like these (the depths of the mind sending messages to the body) were awareness of the issue, compassion (for self and others), and expression of my feelings. I’ve taken those things with me since then and those closest to me know how deeply I like to feel and express.  These are all really great tools, but they don’t change the underlying reason that your mind felt the need to send the message in the first place.

A few years ago I discovered a tool that gets to the root of the issue, and I am thrilled to be able to share it with others, read more here.

What it’s all about

Throughout our lifetime, based on our experiences we develop reflexes to respond quickly to the situations and new experiences we encounter. The mind is efficient and so it stores ‘beliefs’ based on our experiences to enable us to react quickly without the use of our conscious mind. These reflexes can keep us in a calm state or a put us in a stressed state, based on the past experience from which it was formed. The stressed state makes it harder for our brain to function with the input of both hemispheres which limits our ability to get by with just hard work and determination.  

Because these reflexes are stored in the subconscious part of our mind, we are often unaware of their existence.  But they show up in our lives regularly.

Why do I keep attracting the same person in a different body that is not right for me?

Why doesn’t anyone listen to me at work?

Why do I always get sick or hurt right before my most important race?

Why can’t I be committed to my healthy eating or exercise?

Why can’t I find a better job?

Why can’t I speak my mind?

Why am I afraid to let people know the real me?

This might sound like a place that is hard to go, and it can be, but believe me it’s worth the results!

In the Mindset Training Program we focus on the things that are holding you back from living your best, most fulfilling life through an easy and effective process. This transformational program is a 6 month commitment. We speak 3 times each month with emailing and homework between sessions.  

Are you ready to take your life to the next level, without the hard work and determination? I know you have already got those things covered.