This one is specific to the ladies, but before you gentlemen stop reading, perhaps consider if there is a woman in your life that would benefit from this information.

The good news is: it’s becoming more mainstream to talk about menstruation.  

The bad news is: there is so much negative talk and misinformation about it!

Menstruation is a clear and accurate barometer of health, and yet so many women ignore it, try to make it go away, and would rather that it just didn’t happen. The quality of your monthly bleed is directly related to how well your body is functioning and if its needs are being met.

A healthy cycle can help you conceive, help you have a happy transition into menopause, and it can be the factor that puts you ahead of your competition. Now is a great time to learn about it, start looking at it, and listening to what it tells you.

This topic is so important that I’m introducing you to my friend Stefanie and her 28 Day Masterclass to Know Your Cycle!

In 2011 when I was training for my first IRONMAN, my cycle lengthened from ~34 days to ~50 days. It wasn’t gradual, there was a definite point in my training load increase where it shifted. I knew immediately that it wasn’t good news for my overall health and the goals I had that year. Luckily, I was educated on the topic and was currently working at a women’s health coaching company (where Stefanie also worked) so I had a plethora of resources available to me.  I made one change to my diet, and it did the trick. The one change was no small thing though.

At the time, I had been ovo-pescatarian for 10 years. I had some major gastrointestinal issues when I was in college, so I gave up most white meat and all red meat in 2001 hoping that it would help. I continued to eat eggs, dairy, and fish during this time, so one at the macro level, my protein needs were being met, but my body needed more. The change that I made to correct my cycle issues was adding all meat back to my diet. It was life-changing for sure. Not only did my cycle length return to normal, but my recovery and training got even better.

It was a message that something needed to change, and I listened. If I hadn’t listened, I know that my first IRONMAN would not have been a success. I might not have even made it to the starting line. I was able to spot the message so quickly since I track my cycle. I know how-to-know when I’m in each phase and the types of foods that will support me best in that phase. Many people think this isn’t important unless they are trying to conceive, but following that advice is a disservice to yourself.  Menstruating athletes have additional things to be aware of during the various phases of their cycles to get the most out of training and racing.

The Know Your Cycle Masterclass is not tailored toward athletes (first you need to learn the basics), but as a bonus to anyone who registers I am offering a free session with me, after you complete the 28 days with Stefanie, so we can discuss the important pieces to integrate that are specific to athletes.   

Here’s a little more about the program:

» Once you sign up, you’ll receive your PDF workbook and masterclass materials via email within 24 hours. There, you’ll find clear cut steps on how to set yourself up for success. Then, on June 1st, 2019 we’ll kick off our live group and spend 28-days learning together in the Know Your Cycle Facebook group.

Enrollment closes on May 31st at 11:59pm ET! Sign up to be a part of this special group by sending through your one-time payment of $140: Sign me up for the Know Your Cycle Masterclass!

For full details about the program go to the Know Your Cycle Masterclass page.