You’re a top performing athlete.  You work, play, and train hard, and you’re probably really fit.  But for all of the time you put into training, you haven’t been able to walk away from each race with the results you know you’re capable of.

You train hard month after month and do see results in your training.  You are eating ‘healthy’ for the most part.  But on race day, something always seems to get in the way of your goal.  The truth is, you can eat all your vegetables, cut back on meat, and stay away from sugar, but that is not what high performance eating is all about. High performance eating is something entirely different.

If you bonk on race day, the way to fix it is not by training harder.  You are already training hard enough! And if you have GI distress, it’s not just your nerves.  The key ingredient missing from your kick butt arsenal is eating for high performance.

There are a lot of people giving quick fix nutrition advice, so I get it.  Of course, you think it should be easy enough to figure it out on your own. You’re a smart, successful, driven athlete.  But there is much more to it and one solution does not fit all.

Every meal, every workout, every race. There are specific things you should be doing to finally achieve what you work so hard for!

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Dietary Assessment

It’s hard to make recommendations without knowing what your current habits look like. This is the best place to start to identify your daily and training related nutrition patterns, so I can best help you reach your goals. Everyone starts here – I will send you a template to follow and we will take a look at a minimum of 3 days of your current habits.

Nutrition Counseling Sessions

After completing the dietary assessment, we continue working together at your own pace to achieve your goals. Each session is scheduled as needed.

Competition Day Nutrition Plans

If competition goals are part of your plan, I recommend starting with nutrition counseling at least 2 months earlier than you thought you should. Depending on your starting point, it can take some time to adapt to changes and nailing your nutrition plan. This is something that should be practiced throughout training and not left to the last minute.

ELEVATE Maintenance Program

This plan is for those who have already been through the dietary assessment and had regular counseling sessions through one race season. The goal is to maintain support going forward. You get unlimited email support and the option of 2 calls over the course of the 6 month commitment period.  This is a great choice for those that do best with some accountability and like to have help tweaking here and there throughout the year.

Group nutrition program – 6 weeks

Check back for the next start date for a group program.

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