Life Update from Nicci

October 31, 2023

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. 

Where Has Nicci Been?

You may have noticed that over the past few years there hasn’t been a lot going on with my blog, website, or group programs. The reason for that came back in 2017 while working with a military special operations group. In reflecting on what those young men do and the sacrifices they make, I had an insight that led me back into the classroom. I went through the long process of getting a dual masters degree (Nutrition & Exercise Physiology) and completing the criteria for the registered dietitian credential. 

Even though I was already working in the field with various levels of sports nutrition education under my belt, my thirst for knowledge and the desire to be the best practitioner for my clients was my guiding light. I’m so thrilled for all the knowledge and experience I gained being able to put it into practice immediately with my clients. I had the opportunity to work with sport dietitians at the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and delve into other specialties like gastroenterology working under highly respected practitioners in that field.  

However, a full time in-person masters program at Columbia University and a full client load required me to pull back in other areas like the blog, website, other nutrition programs, and sadly at various times my own training and racing. But I’m happy to announce that things have been ramping back up to full steam again with the launch of the newly designed website and this kick-off of all new content on my blog. I’m also working on some new self-paced nutrition programs and more!