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Blood monitoring with Athlete Blood Test

Is your body responding well to your training plan? Can you be pushed harder? Do you need a rest week? How long should your taper be? How soon should you train again after your race? Do you have the right foods in your diet? Are you taking the right supplements in the right dose with […]

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You: 1 Cold Season: 0

I usually fly through winter feeling untouchable by the cold and flu season, feeling sorry for those affected by not just one but often two or three colds during this time. Unfortunately, this year I was not so lucky and had my first cold in a long time last week. I guess doing snow angels […]

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Yay to You!

I just got back from a fantastic sunny, beach filled vacation and it was amazing! I had time to play, relax, and breathe! And because I allowed myself to slow down, I was able to really reflect on the year and see how much I’ve truly accomplished – for my health and for the life […]

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